Bizfon Standard Warranty* - Included with purchase of a new 680 Control Unit
1 Year parts (See PDF for details)
30 Days Help Desk Support (See below)

Bizfon 1 year Extended Warranty* (Years 2, 3 & 4) - $479
1 Year 680 switch only (See PDF for details)
1 Year Help Desk Support (See below)

Help Desk Support Contract* - $229
For Customers not interested in extended warranty coverage, we offer a Help Desk option. This option includes: (See PDF for more details)
Help Desk Support - access to our Customer Support Department (x299) for education, programming and troubleshooting assistance.

* Warranty provides an advanced replacement unit if your control unit fails.
* Without Help Desk Coverage: Calls to Customer Support will be $95.00 per incident.

To purchase any of these support options please call extension 299 from any Bizfon 680 System or call us direct at (603)-870-4400.