Bizfon designs, manufactures and sells phone systems for the small office/home office (SOHO) market. Target customers have fewer than 25 employees and require a phone system specifically designed for their needs, namely:

Easy to install. Bizfon switches are turn-key solutions that can be installed quickly and easily. Using 100% voice prompt configuration from any attached phone, the Bizfon switch installs in roughly half the time required by competing solutions.

Easy to use. Core Bizfon functions and features are designed for intuitive, no-fail use.

Integrated support. Only Bizfon products have direct access from each phone to a support center. The Bizfon Customer Care group can remotely configure and troubleshoot phone system issues.

Originally founded in 1996, Bizfon's flagship product is a turnkey analog phone system, the Bizfon 680. The system includes a core switch and, at an additional charge, up to 32 handsets. In the market since 1997, the 680 install base has grown to approximately 26,000 unique customers, representing roughly 27,500 switches.

Bizfon's products are 100% proprietary designs and are sold indirectly through a large network of active dealers throughout the United States. In addition to low-cost, feature rich products, Bizfon bundles customer support with each system. Users simply dial "299" from any handset to instantly reach a Bizfon Customer Care Representative. This unique blend of innovative design and customer support has been the driving factor in Bizfon's success in selling to the SOHO market.